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I was not sure whether these boats should be included in the canoe or kayak family. When a gentleman I was corresponding with regarding another design saw the 14 his answer was that if they had been put out by one of the car companies they would have called them crossovers, which seemed like a good call so I ask you to check out our crossover double paddle boats.

Unlike most other double paddle boats you will see which started from a canoeists point of view, these where started from the kayak end of the paddling spectrum. We know there are many who have preference for one type of boat or the other, I am more often found in kayak than in a canoe, but I still like the to do a little wilderness camping and here in Ontario that often involves portaging. With a kayak there ends up being a number of small packs to be humped over the trail, rather than the larger pack that are found in canoes and all those smaller packs need to be loaded and unloaded each time you carry the boat. These boats are our answer in that they will allow the paddler to carry their gear in a pack; and have been designed to be portaged with a removable yoke like a solo canoe.

Another design feature is the adjustable seat, what we need to carry will vary from day to day and we often do not need to carry a full pack. The adjustable seat allows you to balance the boat whether you have a pack for trekking, or one of the kids sitting in front of you or are simply out on your own paddling or fishing.

If you are considering one of these boats simply because you would like an open cockpit boat and have no intention of carrying more gear than you need for a daytrip they can be built without the sliding seat option, this also saves a couple pounds of weight in the finished boat.

This first series, the Killarney's have a width much like recreational kayaks this was to allow us to design shorter boats with enough capacity for carrying gear and for ease of carrying through the bush while portaging.

In addition to the Killarney series we are also working on a line of double paddle boats that are longer and leaner than the Killarney series and will more closely resemble traditional kayak hull forms when ready these will be offered as the Algonquin series. Information on these can be found in our catalogue.

Finally as mentioned we know that many who use a double paddle boat are canoeists and at the bottom of the page is a double paddle boat based on a canoe hull form.

Killarney 10

Length: 10 ft. 3.05m
Beam: 26 in. .661m
Volume: 223 lt.
Weight est. 34lbs. 15.42 kg.
Capacity: 186 lbs. 84 kg.
Plans: $85 + plus shipping, handling & applicable taxes

Plans for this boat include full size patterns for all parts including the hull and deck panels.

Full Kit: Cdn. $859 US $779
Wood Parts: Cdn. $595 US $539

Killarney 14

Length: 14 ft. 4.29m
Beam: 27 in. .686m
Volume: 382 lt.
Weight est. 46lbs. 21 kg.
Capacity: 326 lbs. 148 kg.
Plans: $85 + plus shipping, handling & applicable taxes

Full Kit: Cdn. $905 US $819
Wood Parts: Cdn. $650 US $589

For those who may be looking for a more 'traditional' double paddle boat we have plans for a cedar strip model.

Specifications subject to change as design is finalized and the first boats built.

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